My Life

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About Me

  • I’m 16 years old, and a junior
  • I’m on my school’s dance line
  • I love to sing any time I’m in the car, whether I sound good or not
  • I grew up watching Harry Potter
  • My favorite movie is The Hobbit
  • My role model, my inspiration, and my absolute favorite person is Noel Fielding
  • I’m a bit addicted to The Mighty Boosh and Sherlock
  • I’m a sucker for British comedy. America just doesn’t have the same spunk
  • Anything Martin Freeman does makes me love him just a little more.
  • I’m Italian, and I have quite a large family
  • My dream place to live is England
  • My guilty pleasure TV show is Never Mind the Buzzcocks
  • Music

Ed Sheeran


Imagine Dragons

All Time Low



The Summer Set

Matchbox Twenty

Maroon 5

Alex Band / The Calling

Savage Garden / Darren Hayes

One Direction

  • My style is what I like to call mainstream rock, with random spurts of whatever I’m feeling that day


Daniella ♥